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Heather brought down the house at the 2023 VISION Conference. Her all-new keynote  focused on all the right things our nation's student leaders needed to hear!

We cant wait to have her back!


 Kyle Gordon, Illinois  Association of Student Councils. 

It was nice to have a "medical-specific" speaker this year. Heather message  was a nice combination of humor, emotions, and a solid message. Heather is full of personality and humor and an incredible story teller! I highly recommend you ask Heather to keynote at any future HOSA or healthcare conferences you may have. You won’t regret it!

AZ Hosa Advisor 

Heather’s energy is infectious! She delivered an engaging keynote for our 2023 state leadership conference. It was poignant and captured the students attention. Just what we wanted. Texas FCCLA has a long-standing relationship with Heather that we plan to continue.


If you’re looking for a keynote speaker don’t look past Heather!


Melissa Isaacs

Texas FCCLA State Advisor

Heather's message resonated through the entire crowd of over 1,200 student leaders. Her powerful message connected with every student in the room.  Her keynote, is powerful, sincere, relevant, personal and one your students will not forget.

- Paul Branagan, MA State Executive Director 

Association of Student Councils. 

What Makes Me Unique?

I never set out to become a motivational speaker: it found me!  Throughout my years I’ve discovered my passion for sharing stories that can help others. Stories that touch hearts and make an impact.  The stories I tell are my actual life experiences, so you will never hear another speaker tell a story like mine.  




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"When will things get easier? I’m sure many of us wait for life to get easier.  But it doesn’t because there will always be deadlines, there will always be challenges, and there will always be tough times to face. Instead of waiting for life to get easier, how about WE BECOME THE PERSON WHO handles the tough stuff better. "


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