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"Heather presents a strong message for young people and adults alike.  She uses the hook of humor to draw you in and the truth to keep you focused.  She is a speaker that entertains, but more important, has a message for all to hear.  In my opinion she is one of the nation's top female speakers!"

Gary Clark, 2012 President
National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors and Director of the Illinois Association of Student Councils
"Heather was an incredibly engaging and energetic presenter. She got my youth excited and involved in her workshop at 9am on a Saturday. That is not an easy feat! We were happy to have her as the youth keynote speaker for our retreat!"
Lauren G. Cohen
Via Hope Youth Coordinator
"Heather Schultz is a remarkable and energetic speaker. Perhaps she is best known for inspiring youth to become leaders with purpose. However, she doesn't stop there! Heather also motivates adult audiences to reconnect with their inner child as she leads them through a series of interactive topics. Her unique presentation style allows audiences of all ages to engage in learning and laughter all at the same time! She is a joy to work with and we look forward to partnering with her again!"
Tina Duckett, Strategy Coordinator
Communities In Schools
"Heather "rocked" the house at our recent youth event  It is simply amazing how easily Heather connects with her audience.  What a remarkable way she reaches through each heart!  I'm surely going to call on her inspiration again!" 
Andrew Muliokela
Youth Day Coordinator
"Students described Heather’s keynote as high energy and inspirational.  It's hard to find a quality female youth speaker. We would love to have her back again!"
April Cabrera, Program Coordinator
The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living


"Heather has an extremely powerful gift for presenting at both the youth and adult levels. She has a heart for people!"
Rocky Chavis
Teen Institute Director
"No matter the audience—kindergarten through adult—Heather is able to present her healthy message in a positive, entertaining and enthusiastic manner."
Pat Prendergast
Butte, Montana
"Thanks for speaking during our prom promise activities. Our SADD group really believed that your message will make students think before they drink. You are one of the best youth speakers out there."
Catherine Pace
Nationwide Insurance (North Carolina)
"Not only was your program fast-moving and entertaining, but it also delivered the message to our students that they have choices to make as they go through life, and that the right choices are the best. We hope to have you back next year!"
Bob Alwood
Elementary School (Florida)
"I rarely receive positive input after school assemblies, but after having Heather to our school, I had both students and staff complimenting our program. Don't wait! Schedule Heather now while you've got the chance!"
Valerie Jackson
Junior High School (Texas)
"Heather is by far the best youth motivational speaker we've ever had in our school."
Sandy Phillips
Drug Free Coordinator (Florida)
"I have heard only positive comments from the students, teachers and parents who attended your program. You really kept all of the students' attention. What a dynamic youth speaker!  We would like for you to come again next year!"
Amy Bryan
Principal (Georgia)


“Heather came to me as a referral and I had never seen her speak before.  She has a wonderful way of engaging the students with her authentic leadership style. I was so amazed by all of the “Golden Nuggets” she left behind that continued to be tweeted out long after the event. It was very rewarding and I know we made a difference with Heather as our lead off speaker. Heather is awesome!”
Mike Annis
Jostens Representative, WA
"Heather is the one speaker who actually made me think! And so cool she is a female speaker!"
“Heather is the Taylor Swift of the speaking world!”
"Heather did an outstanding job inspiring and challenging students to take to the next level of leadership!  She delivered a message that tugs at your heart and connects with her audience through wonderful stories, laughter & interaction.  After our leadership conference of over 1100 attendees, the students continued to be inspired as they were tweeting many of her phrases and quotes from her message.  A Sweet Southern Charmer and down to earth style helps Heather deliver a powerful message of being the best version of yourself and to be Kind, Kind & Kind!  A message that never gets old!"
Rick Morton
Jostens Territory Owner, WA.
"Heather’s thoughtful, inspiring, real-life lessons will hit home with students and adults.  This was evident by the number of students who came up to her after her session wanting to connect with her.”
Kathy Coll
Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils, Assistant Executive Director 
"We were thrilled to bring Heather in for our District Leadership Conference!  Heather was so down-to-earth and easy to work with, she really helped to de-stress a rather stressful event. The students loved Heather and her inspirational message - with so few youth motivational speakers who are female to choose from, you can't go wrong with Heather Schultz!"
Justin Arnone
Activities Coordinator
Student Council Advisor
Royal Palm Beach High School
"Heather Schultz created a personal atmosphere, while speaking with 1000+ students.  She encouraged them to be the best they can be and to make a difference in the lives of others.  Heather received her own 'O-vations' from our teens!" 
Rob Zeider & Phyllis Bishop
Indiana Association of Student Councils
"Heather believes in students today!  She engages them with humor and messages to motivate them to believe in themselves!"
Roberta Bittel
Executive Director of NYS CLSA


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“You were a fantastic motivational speaker! Thank you for opening up like you did and using your life's obstacles to inspire others!”
- Ben, Stuco Student
“@heatherspeaker is probably the best youth speaker bc she actually relates with the youth.” 
- Ashley, Stuco Student
“Thank you so much @heatherspeaker for speaking tonight, I'm so grateful to be here & can't wait to see you again.”  
- Stuco Student
“Our council loved @heatherspeaker speech! We give her a standing ovation!! Thank you for giving us inspiration!” 
- Student Council
“Definitely taking back the life advice @heatherspeaker gave us tonight. so inspirational!” 
- Rachel, Stuco Student
“Your speech literally changed my life, thank you so much for speaking to us!”
- Stephanie, Stuco Student
“Your speech was amazing it will stay with me forever.”
- Kenzie, Stuco Student
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