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Handle the Tough Stuff Better [youth keynote]

Stop waiting for life to get easier and instead become a person who handles the tough stuff better.  Don’t see FAIL as a four letter word, but rather as an opportunity to learn and grow…it’s a second chance! Everyone-no matter who you are-has challenges to face but when you doubt yourself, you stunt your success, and become your own biggest obstacle. Heather’s high energy and engaging interaction gets students on their feet and discovering the true meaning of a resilient mindset.

Compassion Heals [HOSA & healthcare keynote]

As a registered nurse and speaker for over 20 years, Heather has seen compassion heal and reach places medicine cannot.  She was also her mothers primary caregiver as she lost her battle to Alzheimer’s. Heather shares, hilarious stories and meaningful content about the importance of compassionate care and connecting with your patients. One of Heather‘s clients shared …and just pick up the rest from here. 

Leave Your Space a Better Place [youth keynote] 

The Boy Scouts follow a rule… leave your campsite cleaner than you found it; intentionally improve the campsite for the next group of campers.  Most people will say they strive to make the world better.  Sounds good and noble but this keynote takes it to the next level by asking, “How, as student leaders, do you do that?”   Let's create a school, a space, a world, that is kind, respectful and a place people actually WANT to exist in.  The message of spreading kindness is  personal and important to Heather!  

Live, Laugh & Lead! [youth workshop]

Warning: this workshop is only for people who like to laugh, interact, talk, and never sit down! An empty room, music, and hula-hoops are required... get the idea? Positive leadership skills including communication skills, meeting others, introducing yourself and teamwork are explored and then practiced. This is a super fun workshop and participants leave ready to use the leadership and life skills learned during this workshop.

Parachute Packers [adult keynote]

Do you ever feel like you are running on empty and have nothing left to give?  Educators are notorious for their willingness to eat the burnt toast!  You have been entrusted to help students thrive, succeed and reach their full potential, but this is impossible if you’re not taking care of YOU!  To help others, we have to start helping ourselves first.  This interactive workshop will open your eyes to your role in developing your students and give you practical tips for balancing self-care with care for others.

"There are few speakers as awesome as Heather! I love her high energy, passion, interaction and most of all, her powerful message!"
- Santiago, High School Student
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Compassion Heals
HOSA & Healthcare

compassionate care.jpg
Compassion Heals
HOSA & Healthcare

Handle the Tough Stuff Better (short)
Handle the Tough Stuff Better (full)
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