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What Makes Me Unique?

Throughout my years on stage I’ve discovered my passion for telling stories.  Stories that touch hearts and make an impact.  The stories I tell are my actual life experiences, so you will never hear another speaker tell a story like mine.  

My Promise


I KNOW you have a choice in which speaker you hire for your event and I fully understand the faith you are putting in me.  You have my promise that I will:


  • bring a powerful message and an upbeat energy to your conference

  • engage your audience with humorous and memorable stories that will touch their hearts and compel them to make positive changes in their lives

  • acknowledge that each meeting/conference/event is unique, therefore I will work with you to create an event like no other and a program that meets your goals.

Education & Experience


I have been a businesswoman since the age of 9 when I secured my first babysitting job, even though I had to call my mom to put the baby in the crib because I was too short to reach. Always driven to work, I was a switchboard operator throughout high school, worked in retail, including a family business, fast food, at a restaurant as a hostess and on a paint crew to put myself through college.  I attended Central Michigan University and finished my degree as a registered nurse in 1993 in Atlanta, GA.


So how did I become a professional speaker?  I accepted a position as a youth director for a non-profit drug prevention youth organization.  My new job included training young people from all over the nation to serve as youth leaders, writing and leading workshops, planning and facilitating weekend retreats, and organizing an annual national conference. I wore many hats from workshop facilitator to conference planner. I was also responsible for hiring conference keynote speakers and… this is where my horizons were broadened. I began to watch keynote speakers on stage and in action, and thought, “I would love to do that.” I also noticed there were not many female youth speakers.  My first professional conference keynote was in 1989 and I was hooked. I had found my passion and it felt amazing.


I am the author of Live Extraordinary and a contributing author to several other books.

My Personal Note

I’m a relationship person and put much of my energy into connecting with people.  I truly strive to leave every person better than how I found them.  I love being a mom, wife and loyal friend.  I enjoy photography, mentoring new speakers and shopping. I'm silly, goofy, and have been known to embarrass my friends in public places! I have found my purpose in life... changing lives!

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