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Here is a scary thought... we have more resource officers in our schools than we have mental health specialists! I believe we can do better for our students. I've been a professional speaker for over 25 years in the field of health, wellness and education.  I know there are many mental health programs available to schools and the choice can be overwhelming.  You want to make the right choice for your teachers, students, school and community.  I have waited for years to find the perfect tools to assist me in developing the best training on mental health for schools.  I am happy to announce I have found those tools! I have teamed up with Kognito, a company out of New York that develops experiences with virtual humans that address important health issues and help prepare people to lead real-life conversations on tough topics. Online simulations almost feel like a video game as teachers make choices about what to say and how to react with students who may be distressed.  I'm confident this training will change lives!


Conversations That Change Lives is a skills-based training course and interactive role-play simulation for school educators that builds awareness, knowledge, and skills about mental health. 

Adult Education Course


• Listed in National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP)

• Listed in SPRC/AFSP Best Practices Registry

• Co-created with mental health experts and educators

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Lecture on Religion


• Improve students’ academic success, attendance, graduation rates and staff and student relationships

• Decrease classroom disruption

• Connect students with support services and resources

• Motivate students to seek help when needed

• Improve school climate

 Package Includes

  • Certified Professional Development Hours

  • One year subscription to Kognito tools

  • One 3 hour in-person or virtual training


IDENTIFY students in need by learning techniques to recognize worrisome behavior changes in students. 


APPROACH a student and have a meaningful conversation to confirm or deny the need for further referral. 

REFER a student to the appropriate mental health resources within the school.

Are you ready to change the lives of your students and the climate of your school? 


Click here to learn how to bring Conversations That Change Lives to your school.  

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Mental Health Skills

The studies found significant increases in Total Mental Health Skills from pre- to post-training that remained significant in all follow-up points. Total Mental Health Skills were comprised of 4-5 self-perceived preparedness measures that included: (1) identify when a student’s appearance is a sign of psychological distress, (2) identify when a student’s behavior is a sign of psychological distress, (3) discuss concern with a student, (4) motivate the student to seek help, and (5) make a referral to mental health support services.

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Participant Feedback.  Teachers, Faculty and Staff

“It’s easy to use. The realistic stories. It boosted my confidence in approaching students, I felt better equipped to handle situations. I even approached a student who was struggling and the conversation went very well and truly helped her too.”

“I thought it was fantastic, and I feel confident and empowered to deal with this issues in an appropriate manner.”

“I wish I had made time to do this training sooner and hope all teachers will participate.”

"Share this with everyone who has anything to do with children."

“Easy to understand and to the point. Allowed me to take part, not just observe.”

“I wish I had taken this earlier. I recommend it for all faculty.”

“I enjoyed being able to practice speaking to the three students and the ability to undo and start the conversation over. The ability to practice is so important.” 


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